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The Art of the One Night Stand

Without spending a fortune on meaningless dating, you too can learn the art of the one night stand!

Discover the secrets that you can use to have sizzling hot one night stands, every night of the week.

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The Best Part... there’s no commitment, no ring to buy & no awkward moments of meeting the parents.

Every day I hear guys talking about the frustration of the dating scene. We men (and lots of women) really do just want ONE thing when we go out to the club – a one night stand.  If you are the type of guy who is frustrated by the prospect of traditional dating and just want to get straight to the “point”, then The Art of the One Night Stand will become your new Bible.  Many guys are just clueless how to have a one night stand. Unlike many e-books and products on the market that are designed to help men meet the women they are looking for, this e-book will help you meet the women you want to know for just a couple of hours or so. Let’s face it – most men are not looking for commitment. Most of us just want to get one night stands. Why in the hell should we have to buy the cow when the milk is still free?  This e-book will show you how to milk many cows in many different pastures, pun intended.  

"Works Every Time!"

The Art of the One Night Stand contains principles that work every time, when applied appropriately.  Learn the secrets that you can use each and every time you go out to bring home the, girl or girls, that you have always dreamed of getting close to (for the night).  Many men spend their time with ineffective strategies only to end up going home alone every night. They quite simply just don't know how to have a one night stand. This can be very hard on a man’s self confidence and ego. He is then sure to repeat the old behavior and end up with even less “action”. After all, the same behaviors will lead to the same results.  The Art of the One Night Stand can turn even the nerdiest of guys into one night stand magnets, ready to be used and abused at will.  Learn how to have a one night stand. Learn what women look for in a guy – whether they plan on having just an hour long fling or are looking for Mr. Right.  The Art of the One Night Stand will show you how to be just what the doctor ordered (or so the girls will think) – but by the time they realize that you were just in it for the night – you’ll be long gone and moving on to your next ‘victim!’

Some raw and unedited testimonials from a couple happy readers:


"...changed my whole thought process."
"What up D.J.! I bought and read your new ebook last week. It has paid off already! I went out last weekend to see if I could put the techniques and mind set to work. I worked a few females and hit the jackpot on this chick named Sherry. I got her to get a hotel room and that was all she wrote! The Art Of The One Night Stand has changed my whole thought process. I can't wait for your next project!"


- Eric Blaylock
Cincinnati, OH


"All I have to say is...DAMN!!!"

"All I have to say is...DAMN!!! I had no idea you were gonna drop knowledge like that in this ebook. You came across raw and uncut which is just how I like it. There is no fluff or bullsh*t either like the stuff those 'pick up artists' try to sell."

- Larry Williams

Miami, FL


"...thanks for writing this."

"Hey man thanks for writing this. I been a shy type my whole life. The e-book you wrote gave me the comfort that I needed to break out of my shell to pull off the ultimate one night stand with this sexy thing!"


- Ryan Ortega
Camden, NJ


"...pimpin ain't dead after all."

"I guess pimpin ain't dead after all! Good sh*t!"


- Joe Melosh
Atlanta, GA

"The best investment you’ll ever make as a single guy"

If you enjoy the freedom of being single, The Art of the One Night Stand will show you how to make the most of this rare time in life when you have the ability to do what you want, when you want.  Men that get married still just want one thing – lots of hot sex. Dating leads to marriage, but this valuable e-book will show you how to get the benefits of dating and marriage without the nagging and responsibility – not to mention the cash that it costs to date a girl long enough to convince her to sleep with you. If you want to get one night stands like the playboys, save all that nonsense for the squares. Bypass all the silly formalities and get the action you crave now!


“Secrets of the ‘busiest’ guys at the clubs”

Learn how to be one of those guys that seem to take home all of the hottest babes at the clubs and bars.  If you are a regular, you know these guys. The same guys take home a different girl every night of the week – effortlessly.  What are their secrets? How do they bag the babe and then come back for her friends? They already know how to have a one night stand. The Art of the One Night Stand will show you how to step up your game and claim your prize.

The Art of the One Night Stand will show you:

How to seek out women who are just looking for sex.

How to dress for one night stand success.

The best places to meet the kind of women who are looking for “love”.

Smooth moves to get her in the bed…fast!

How to spot the loner girls – and why you should take one or two home with you this week.

Why you should feel no guilt about loving ‘em and leaving ‘em!


Order your copy of the best selling e-book The Art of the One Night Stand now.  You’ll be so glad you did – no more endless nights of partying to just go home drunk and alone. Know what to do to take that hottie home with you next time, and then go back for her sister the next night.  The Art of the One Night Stand will totally change the way you approach “getting some” – you’ll be literally “blown away” (no pun intended) by the number of hot girls you can take for a roll in the sack in just hours after meeting them.  Find out how to dress to attract the babes that will put out.  Don’t spend another dime “wooing” the girls you want to sleep with – throw those flowers in the garbage and eat that box of chocolates yourself.  What girls really want does not have a price tag accompanying it, as you’ll find out when you read and adhere to the suggestions in our new e-book The Art of the One Night Stand.  Do you really want to know how to have a one night stand? You’ll save a ton of money by following our guidelines – just think of the common date: you ordinarily have to pay for dinner…$40, movie…$30, drinks…$40, and after two or three dates, if you’re lucky, a hotel room…$100.  This could add up to some big bucks for just a slice of……but with The Art of the One Night Stand by your side, you won’t pay even need to pay for the hotel room – you’ll find how easily women are ready to service your needs in the most opportune of places – including outside the bar or in the backseat of your car – which costs nothing!  Get your mack on and order The Art of the One Night Stand – get all the one night booty you can handle!

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